Are You Curing Your Dental Materials? checkUp Lets You Know.

Are you curing your composites?
Curing composites does not mean turning on the curing light and assuming since the top layer is hard everything has been done properly.  There are many importation aspects to properly curing all of the materials that we use in our daily workflows. Since about half of our procedures require a curing light. From bonding agents, composites and core materials all of these require proper cure times based on the power output of the lights along with excellent technique.  Incomplete curing causes a host of problems for both the patient and dentist.

There is a new product on the market that is more then just a radiometer and its from a company called Blue Light Analytics.  They have a device called checkUp. Using Bluetooth the device connects to an app on your smartphone. It looks like a small hockey puck and not only measures the power output of your curing light but uses artificial intelligence to query its database of materials to guide you on the proper curing times for all your materials.

Here are some screenshots of my recent use of checkUP. One of the interesting things I have found out is my brand name barriers actually reduce my output by approximately 100mw/cm2.

For a limited time you can purchase the checkUp device and service by clicking here for the July special of 50% off

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