Risk factors for recurrence of periodontal disease in patients in maintenance care in a private practice.

J Clin Periodontol. 2019 Jul 4. doi: 10.1111/jcpe.13165.



To assess periodontal and dental conditions in individuals in maintenance care after periodontal therapy in private practice, and identify risk factors for recurrence of disease and tooth loss.


100 patients attending a routine recall visit were included. All had been treated for periodontal disease and were in maintenance since ≥2 years.


Examinations took place 18.0 (±8.71) years after the start of periodontal therapy. 40.1±22.5 recall visits were registered during this time. 91% of the participants had an initial diagnosis of chronic, 9% of aggressive periodontitis. The average participant was 46 years old and had 26 teeth. 283 of 2549 initially present teeth were lost, half of them being molars. Periodontal and endo-periodontal complications accounted for only 16 lost teeth. The prevalence of all probing depth (PD) categories decreased significantly. The longer the time, the more frequent the recall visits, and the more was spent during the maintenance phase the greater was the reduction. Multivariate analysis rendered BMI and smoking as factors influencing number of sites with PPD ≥4 mm and BOP.


Tooth loss and periodontal tissue damage can be contained over prolonged periods if periodontal disease is treated and patients attend regular maintenance care.

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